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Died Today (February 3rd): John Cassavetes (1929–1989)

WILDsound Festival

johncassavetes.jpgJohn Cassavetes (1929–1989)

Born: December 9, 1929 in New York City, New York, USA
Died: February 3, 1989 (age 59) in Los Angeles, California, USA

There’s a difference between ad-libbing and improvising. And there’s a difference between not knowing what to do and just saying something. Or making choices as an actor. As a writer also, as a person who’s making a film, as a cameraman, everything is a choice. And it seems to me I don’t really have to direct anyone or write down that somebody’s getting drunk; all I have to do is say that there’s a bottle there and put a bottle there and then they’re going to get drunk. I don’t want to tell them how they’re going to get drunk. I don’t want to tell them how they’re going to get drunk, or what they would do, and I don’t want to restrict them in…

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Leslie Knope: An Astrological Interpretation

Balancing the Sun

I’m going to conduct an experiment.

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the television series Parks and Rec, starring Amy Poehler as the very energetic and passionate local government employee, Leslie Knope. Hands down Parks and Rec is my favorite television show, and I always find myself looking for astrological cues throughout the writing and character development of the series, so I thought it would be a fun and interesting treat to create a natal chart for the fictional character Leslie Knope! Not only will it be fun to see if we can connect some hypothetical dots, but if you’ve never had an experience with a real natal chart interpretation, this could be a first look at how it works. Keep in mind this is a fictional character and the only evidence I have to back my claims will be examples from the show itself, but let’s give…

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A Little on the Astrology of Lamar Odom



Oh Lamar Odom… I can’t tell you why I cried when I found out about of his current situation. I don’t like sports and I am anti anything Kardashian. But something about his energy has always been light to me like a big white light circles his aura. He seems like a cool breeze. I always say it’s a thin line between who we are and who we could be so let’s not judge his addictions, his actions and his demons. We are all struggling with something. Lamar is a Scorpio Sun, Scorpio is the sign that is known for destroying itself. Scorpio rules death and transformation. This sign will die many times in one life time; let’s hope this time he will be reborn. Pluto/Scorpio is often compared to the caterpillar becoming the butterfly, it is no easy task. Scorpio Sun/Moon/Rising and strong Pluto types are familiar with death…

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