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Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD: The Sky Priestess


~~ Mercury trines the North Node, sextiles the South Node ~~

Mercury (26 Capricorn) trines the North Node (25 Virgo), creating an energetic current that allows us to use the power of our intellect to find specific ways, detailed plans, pragmatic approaches needed to evolve into the Virgo Nodal Energy. Virgo’s energy covers so very much (just as all signs do) – health, wellness, daily routines, rituals, paths of service, Priestessing, and so on. We are likely to draw upon the wisdom of the Crone, or far older, established sources of power and authority, to help us understand how we can best realize Virgo’s energy into being.

Those with placements near 25-27 Taurus will experience this as a powerful Grand Earth Trine. Happy Manifesting! 🙂

~~ Mercury squares Mars, Mars inconjuncts the South Node ~~

Mercury (26 Capricorn) also forms a potentially stressful-and-creative aspect to Mars (26 Libra). Watch the…

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Full Moon on Christmas


This is the first Full Moon on Christmas since 1977, and the next one won’t be until 2034.  Also on the same day, Uranus will we going direct, bringing all the planets direct until January 5th.   See http://allplanetsdirect.com/.  Uranus will also be opposing Mars, and Mars will square Mercury.

Uranus going direct: http://pandoraastrology.com/transits-this-year/planetary-retrogrades-stations/uranus-station-retrograde/

Dec 25th, 2015: Full “Cold or Long Night” Moon at 3 degrees Cancer, 6:11 AM Eastern

Crystal for the degree of the full moon: CANCER 3


“Key Word – Indomitable

Crystal – Variscite

Attributes – Promotes cheerfulness. Helps with chronic tiredness; eases inner restlessness. Makes objective and rational; helps you express yourself clearly. Gives you energy, alleviates hyper-acidity, helps with heartburn, gastritis, stomach ulcers, rheumatism and gout.

Message – Preparedness to explore difficult realms.

Focus – Utilising what is at your disposal helps you navigate through life’s challenges.

Affirmation – I am invincible; I…

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Full Moon Christmas 2015-12-25 (Grand Cross + Thor’s Hammer)


Full Moon Christmas 2015-12-25 (Grand Cross + Thor’s Hammer)

Sometimes emotions run high on this holiday for families.  This particular one is more charged than usual.  Both a Grand Cross and Thor’s Hammer are present.  Deadlocks and impasses (Grand Trines) have the potential to yield to words that cannot be unspoken or even violence (Thor’s Hammer).

Here is the chart for perfection of the Full Moon, filtered for the Grand Trines pattern:

2015-12-25 Christmas Full Moon (Grand Cross)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

We present the same chart, filtered for the Thor’s Hammer:

2015-12-25 Christmas Full Moon (Thors Hammer)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Find a way to channel those energies, maybe anger and frustration, into a productive outlet.  If you cannot do anything else, then “walk away.”  Like so many situations, “this too shall pass.”

The aspect happens earlier in the day, so a potential exists to salvage the day later.  Tread carefully in that process.

Our 2016 Overview is ready for a peek…

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Maria Francesca Triliegi: Your Astrology Coach

SOLSTICE Winter Full Moon

Hello to Winter Solstice 2015 and Rare Full Moon on Christmas Day                  First Time since 1977

Here we are at the end of another year of tumultuous events.  I am overwhelmed and at times confused as to what is really going on.  Yes, we have been shown that WAR and POLITICS continue to consume our lives without any seeming resolution to either.  We are constantly fighting for or against something.  And now, we even have a new STAR WARS to prove how important the fight of good against evil still exists.  We are being shown the grief, sadness, displaced people, warlike individuals, hate, anger and negative judgment of others.  Actually nothing new here, as this, sadly, has been occurring on our planet since the beginning of time.

What is new and is being proven every day is our powerful spiritual consciousness and how we choose to…

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Full Moon Falls on Christmas for the First Time Since 1977

*Astrology workings*

In 2015, with glad Christmas tidings come with the full moon.

This year, December’s moon reaches peak size on Christmas Day, at 6:11 a.m. EST, according to Fred Espenak, an eclipse and moon expert with NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. It marks the first full moon on Christmas Day since 1977; two events won’t align again until 2034. (Of course, a full moon will fall on Dec. 25 just as often as it will any other day of the year, The Independent notes.)

The timing of this year’s Christmas orb means the fullest nighttime moon might be best viewed on Christmas Eve throughout the U.S. The U.K. will see the moon at its peak on Christmas evening.

This year, the Yuletide full moon falls three days after the winter solstice, which occurs on Dec. 22 at 4:48 UTC, or 11:48 p.m. EST.

Each year, December’s full moon…

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Natal Moon in Capricorn: The Stone Heart

A Walk Through Shadows


I have been haunted by Capricorn Moons. I was raised by one, I used to be employed by one for a long time, I am together with one. As if they were having the final word in every major part in my life. I think that was the whole plan – so that I could not run away easily. It was the lesson I did not want to learn so I was kind of forced. Pretty badly.

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