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Venus in Aries,Hot Love

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

Venus enters ARIES Feb 3, 2017 @ 7:51 am PST/ 10:51 am EST/ 3:51 pm GMT  where she is an Amazon love bomb in MARS sign, He’s been waiting for her.

Venus and Mars art Tara Greene

Joachim Anthonisz. 1566 – 1638 MARS,VENUS AND CUPID

Yes, this girl is on fire. VENUS in ARIES is a warrior Goddess, like DURGA on her white Lion, or Quan Yin and her dragon {who appeared to me in a healing ceremony}.Durga Page of Wands/Tarot card reader Tara GreeneLike popular media – all the new female super heroes, SUPERGIRL, Xena, Wonder Woman, Hippolyta, Katniss Everdeen or ancient Goddesses Diana or Athena, Goddess of War, Brigid- she is fierce, fearless, strong, risk-taker who fights back and Demands HER RIGHTS! She belongs to no man.

The recent Women’s march the largest single day march ever in the entire world is just the beginning. As the Dalai Lama said “Western women will save the world.” We will. Never mind trump…

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Astromagical project now called the Snowflake Project: update I

Starry Heaven

Started writing my last post on the 20th on basically little more than a whim, finished and posted it on the 21st, found a good solution to the problem a few hours later which I’ll write about in this post but I completely forgot I’ve missed the Equinox and I’ve been planning for it! Being so intensely focused isn’t always a good thing. So more astromagic and in this specific post, a lot of sacred geometry.

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Aries, who are you?

oracle senboku

Aries initiates. An Aries boss appreciates employees who are original in their thinking – as long as they make it perfectly clear that they have no intention to outshine him. If you hear rumour of your company that it is about to go under, don’t look around too quickly for another job. You may not need a new job after all, just look for your Aries boss. If anybody can pull the company out of trouble, save it at the last minute of financial disaster, it is him. He is adventurous, daring and courageous. His drive is vital, passionate and strong. Good luck that you will find him.

This Mars executive is too proud to let others know they have hurt him. In spite of his quick temper and often occasional shouting, he hides quite well things that truly affect him deeply. The ram won’t admit his dependence on anyone…

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Sun in Aries

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Astro *Alert*
Sun in Aries

The Sun is changing signs from dreamy, sensitive Pisces to faster moving, thicker skinned Aries on March 20th, where it stays through April 19th. This is the beginning of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and the entergetic turning point from one season to the next. This is the Spring Equinox and it’s energy is extremely potent and makes for a great time to “Set Intentions!”

As the seasons change, a gateway opens where we experience the light and dark, and the connection between spirit and matter. This makes for a great time to think about what energies you want to draw to you, what do you want to manifest in your life next? Of course we all want to be healthy and have lots of money, but this is a time when we should get more detailed when making our “Intentions” List. So sit down…

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Current Moon transiting Uranus: Tesla’s Last letters to his mother

Fiesta Estrellas

Dear Tesla,

I am sorry that humankind kept you back from your personal life, and never understood you, nor what you tapped into.

Love, Ka

For some reason, today, I encountered this article, and decided to share it on Word Press. The Moon in Leo is transiting Uranus in Aries. I thought I’d light a candle for Tesla…

****************** Letters excerpt********************************

“Friday, November 20…

I didn’t write to the Patent office, one of their agents came and I told him about my intentions in person. He said he was sorry, but the dates could not be changed because all the congressmen have already determined them. I went down to the Waterfalls and told the boys to prepare the turbines and wait for my call tomorrow.

I have decided to provide the mankind with the gift it deserves and to retourn to Europe, to You, Mother. Governments here are the same…

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Descendent in Aries

The Descendent is the opposite sign of your Ascendant, if it is ruled by Aries then you are a Libra rising. What does it mean if your 7th house is ruled by Aries? Remember this is the house of relationships, not just any kind but those that (like Libra) require partnership. For example, the 11th house is associated with your group activities, your 4th house is all about your relationships with family and so the 7th house is in between. Astrologers call it the house of marriage and this is true because marriage is a partnership of two close people. The sign here will show what kind of people you attract into your life or what kind of people you want. Interestingly, it is always the opposite sign to your rising sign that is the one we are attracted to.

Aries descendant people tend to attract…

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