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Excellent point about this.

A Narcissist Writes Letters, To Himself

Humanity’s greatest innovations
start by studying the wild.
Our first understanding of medicine
came from watching the changes in eating habits
of sick or injured birds.

This continues today,
like how fish influence automobile aerodynamics,
or how the idea for Velcro came from burs on a dog
or the way bees taught the beauty industry
how to build an empire using, almost exclusively, bulimia.

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A Word of Advice: I don’t have time for myself


Hi Kally,

I am an outbound engineer who seems to be always the first to arrive and the last to leave work. I have been struggling with my daily tasks ever since I joined this company. The problem is that we are very short handed and our manager not only manages our team but the inside technicians as well.

My scope requires me to run around, visiting clients’ office to help them to fix their internet network. My peers in my team doesn’t really care about what the clients think so they always pile a lot of appointments in a day and don’t turn up at the appointed time. I like to think I am more responsible so I tried not to schedule more than 4 appointments a day, in case, I can’t make those appointments. I also like to take time to explain to the clients what I have done…

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