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Thursday 22/12/16

“Jupiter squares the Moon in Libra.” Mercury Retrograde strikes again!

Journey by the sea

Thursday 22nd December, 2016.

The Moon in Libra

Jupiter squares the Moon in Libra.

The Moon also squares Pluto and opposes Uranus

The Moon is in harmonious, social Libra all day, and we have a tendency to weigh all perspectives and to consider all possibilities. This airy relationship loving sign is great for compromising, balancing, negotiating.  This will be a great day for spending time with family or loved ones, and really straightening  and harmonizing personal and business relationships.

The Moon in Libra aligns with Jupiter . This is great if you still have some Christmas shopping and preparation for your festive celebrations. However remember when Jupiter is involved we tend to go LARGE and some may over do it and spend more than you intended on.

The Moon also squares Pluto and opposes Uranus today.  That means for us there will be a lot of wake up and shake up…

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Winter Solstice & Clarifying Power Structures- Dec 21

“The alignments over this Holiday period are nearly as profound, or maybe more, than Dec 21, 2012’s End of the Mayan Calendar which was a cosmological upgrade to our Sun and ourselves.” I agree. 2011/2012 was the BEGINNING, not the end.

5D Astrology

About 5:45am (EST) this morning, the Sun ingressed Capricorn. Now our clarity will be coming in around all things dealing with public authority, father-like authority, power, public structures such as governments, banks and corporations.

Interestingly, all day on Tuesday the Sun began to cross over Mercury’s Retrograde cycle which began at 28:52 Sagittarius. Now the Sun will be providing the ‘reality’ of these situations to us as the Sun Transits to meet up with Mercury and then Pluto.

28:52 Sagittarius to 15:07 Capricorn is the same span of degrees that Pluto has been Transiting over the last 9 year cycle… in Numerology, this is a complete cycle. Pluto is finally past the first half of Capricorn as well and will begin to transform the destruction he has brought to these areas of our lives. It is still another 9 or so years until he leaves Capricorn.

But from now until…

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Wednesday 21/12/16

Journey by the sea

Wednesday 22nd December, 2016.

The Moon is in Libra.

The Sun moves into Capricorn.

Mars in Pisces.

Today is a very nice , easy,  reliable day. The Moon goes into Libra and the Sun goes into Capricorn. When the Moon is in Libra you feel very comfortable being around people,communicating with others and building harmonious relationship. Libra is the sign of partnership and relationships, whether t is business or romantic, so when the Moon is in this sign, there is no better time to focus on matters romantic. However remember that Mars in Pisces is going on in the background, so you will tend to find you are keeping things to yourself. The nice relationships and the good times you have today are not 100% honest, because Mars influences wants you to hold yourself back, and keep a certain part of yourself hidden! This ultimately  doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy…

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Winter Solstice

Weise Owl

The Winter Solstice occurs at 2:44 a.m. San Francisco time on December 21st. With it comes the shortest day and longest night as well as the triumph of light over dark.

Energy is dormant and hidden, deep inside. Welcome the Sun back by cooking a traditional meal or a good chakra meditation. However you mark this time, the spirit of this moment lies in hope.

Like a seed, you carry the Sun within you. This is an excellent time to write your goals down, whatever you would like to achieve, by the Spring Equinox.

Happy Yule!

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Winter Solstice 2016: Time to regenerate?

Holistic Transformation

Wednesday December 21st 2016- The Sun moves into Capricorn as the Winter Solstice occurs in the Northern Hemisphere (Summer in the Southern Hemisphere).

Astrologically, we have a few standouts: As the Sun moves from the critical degree of Sagittarius and into Capricorn, we have Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn is helping us this Solstice, it is good to have it it Sag this time around. The combination of the two gives us some steady feet to go on this internal adventure. Sag is optimistic and Capricorn is not always so. Saturn rules Capricorn (as well as Aquarius), so its effect is amplified when the Sun is in a planet that it rules. Capricorn can be relentless, it is cardinal Earth, so this is a time to move into the last pieces of internal work (have you felt it this past few months?) with gusto. Yes, it is almost Christmas, it is…

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Winter Solstice 2016

Aiyanna Lynn - Inspired Life | Welcome to Avalon

Winter Solstice 2016 – The sun moves into Capricorn at 2:45AM PST on Wednesday, December 21st. This is the moment that the Northern Hemisphere tips furthest away from the sun. Sunlight shines on the Southern Hemisphere, which is enjoying the height of the summer and the longest day, while the Northern Hemisphere experiences the longest night.

Now is the time to tune inward to reflect upon and make sense of the past 12 months. Consider everything, the ups and the downs, the twists and the turns – all of it. Often we don’t understand the journey that we have taken until we look back on it. In review, we can see how far we’ve come. One of my teachers used to say “it’s all included” the good as well as the bad, and all experiences are valid and useful.

Capricorn is a practical, grounded sign, it wants to build things…

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21 Ways to Celebrate Winter Solstice

Inner Journey Events Blog


Winter Solstice – also known as Yule – is one of my favourite times of the year…. okay, my absolute favourite time of year. But maybe I say that for all holidays!

And while I love the major celebrations of Samhain (the start of the Dark Half of the year in the Celtic Wheel of the Year) and Beltaine (the beginning of the Light Half of the year), there is something about Winter Solstice that touches so many. Virtually all cultures and faiths celebrate Father Sun and the return of the light at Solstice.

So what is Solstice? The word solstice comes to us from two Latin words, sol  (the Sun) and sistere (to stand),  referring to the standing sun that we experience twice a year. During the days around the solstice, the Sun appears to stop in its travels (particularly dramatic in polar regions!).

On Solstice, our ancestors celebrated…

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