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Letters in the night

Siren Whispers


She writes to him

Letters in the night

Words forming in the dark recesses of her mind

And of her soul

She imagines

Confiding all of her secrets

Even the ones she is not aware of

Knowing he will hold them tenderly

In safekeeping

As he does his own

She calls to him

Her voice a whisper

Upon the night air

Her caress felt

Over the miles

She whispers all of the things

She thinks

She feels

She wants

She desires

She reaches out to him

Aching to touch his soul

Once again

Artwork taken from Omar Ortiz

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Earth Angel

Hālau 'Aha Hūi Lanakila™


For all my beautiful earth angel friends..bless.

She’s an angel on Earth

She’s an angel on Earth
She has no wings she has two legs and two feet but that’s good enough
She has a smile that can light up the room, and make me feel a little happier
She has kind words that shows she cares, for once i believe she does, sometimes i doubt
She has a heart full of goodness, a heart that’s full of kindness
She has a hug she provides that holds me safe, i feel secure

She’s an angel on Earth
She is the one i can talk to about my pain the struggles and the battles
She is the one that says she understands, I know she doesn’t but she tries to, i wish others were like that
She is the one that’s helped the most and why i continue to fight


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OBEDIENT DESIRES (Lino Robles x Wet Bliss)


I’m listening
but I can’t hear
the words your saying
cause I’m just watching
the way your body moves


Until you’re all done
then pull it out to have fun
as you whisper at my ear
I have been misbehaving
pull my hair, so I hear
what to do next


Desires even before sex
what a turn on i must confess
that i was feeling the same
calculating every breathe you take
with passionate kisses written on your face


Take the all of you & devour it into my name
as i rain
down the thunder in lightnings place
then whisper the reason you came
shhhhh…. as the water flows
obedient desires on the go
(Lino in bold)
photo:italianlady2 tumblr
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The Town Green

Poesy plus Polemics

"Rochester Town Green" Painting by Candy Barr From “Rochester Town Green”
Painting by Candy Barr

liberty’s front lawn
a gathering place
where patriots picnic
and practice their civics
exchanging the only
opinions that matter
the plainspoken
commonwealth pleas
of a people united
by differences
separate paths to a
nonetheless common
estate a society strong
in its pride of a system
that nurtures the free
individual gives him
full flourishing means
to pursue his own
version of happiness

should that system
forget itself fail in its
purpose turn deaf to
the noble expressions
of self-governed citizens
going so far as to thwart
their continued fulfilment
of vital contentment
well then will this place
this goodly grass green
still with promise beneath
watch of stoutly limbed trees
in the shadows of history
here will rebellion find root
and a fertilized sustenance
grow itself swiftly
an uprise emergent
with violent blossoms

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I am not made of stone

Siren Whispers


I am not made of stone.

I have been told

That I wear my heart upon my sleeve

That my writing tells all.

While my writing is imbued with

My thoughts, my feelings, my desires

I write only what I want known.

I am a world of private thoughts and feelings

Pain and joy

Mine to share

If I desire.

You will not find me crying publicly

But that does not mean I don’t hurt

It does not mean that the tears I shed

Don’t run hot down my face

When I am alone.

I am not made of stone

I get confused and frustrated

I have feelings

I have pride

I can be hurt by unkindness

By insensitivity

Especially when it’s unwarranted

Though you’ll never know how much.

 No, I am not made of stone

I am made

Of heart

And soul

Photograph taken from WhiteNoten

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Oceans of Apathy

I want to drape myself
in shades of midnight;
you are not the color of charcoal
skies, I am not the light
contradicting your raven hues,
your voice is not synonymous
to exploding stars,
rather a whisper I spent far too long
trying to decipher from a sea
of rising decibels.

You are an ocean, I am oil
and together we created
a beautiful catastrophe
never meant to mix.

I want to be a rain dance,
exist between soft beats of waltzing skin,
I still pry away your ghost fingers,
your touch
is no longer comfort
but unfamiliar echoes breathing
confusion, it was false translations
that broke us apart
and I do not search for pieces
of you

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Young love
I seen the world in your eyes
even before the hug
of pain showed up in disguise


Taught me about your beautiful mind
the gratitude of patience so divine
& the reason to love in these rhymes


Craving what i never knew was being deprived
after writing & reading what was in my soul at that time
remembering the day i said you’d always be mine
& watching it continue to stand up to the sands of time


Young love always being mine


drawing:mary angley

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Lino Robles

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Let me be Your Meta-Modern Magician


Then let me be your magician
Metamodern Metaphysician
By sleight of hand
Distracts your from you forebrain conclusions

See . . . nothing up my sleeve
Persto-chango . . . still nothing
But this is a different kind of Nothing
The Buddhist they love that trick
So much ado about . . . nothing

When you are in the house of mirrors
Close your eyes and feel your way out
And please remember
I am not the guy who sold you the ticket

See . . . nothing in my top hat
Persto-chango . . . still nothing
But it looks like a bunny . . . you don’t like the cute bunny?
The Philosophers love that trick
Kept George Hagel going for months

When you are in the house of echoes
Close your ears and deny the nonsense
And please remember
I am not the guy who sold…

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James and the Dryad


{James Troubadour}
Ladies and gentlemen
it seems that certain experimental anthropic circuits
in the
projection system have gone autonomous
and are currently totally out of control.
Our technicians assure me that there is no danger to you.

It seems that the content of this production has . . .
has modified the circuitry.
They also assure me that while the show has departed from the original script
it is still true to form.
Please bear with us as we see this thing through.

{Dryad} [Leafing through a photo album]

A slender tongue of silver dripping
from a black Sun
A song in the Silence
a little boat gliding
on dark dappled waters
A brief song for no one in particular

Caught in the motion of the Waters
moving from silence to silence
Borne like a cloak of flame
born of the stillness underneath
Born of ash and tears

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