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Happy Back To The Future Day!

Stephen Liddell

There are two ways to waste our lives on this planet.  One is the way that some keep getting excited  for the next Apocalypse, seemingly a little pointless in my mind and I can say that having survived several hundred in my life thus far, in fact there is another due today also.   Well I guess I can take part in that if nothing better is going on but it better be like the one portrayed in This is The End and not some boring asteroid strike or even worse another no-show.

This is the end How I want to spend my apocalypse… be warned, the guy on the right is going to eat and drink all your supplies.. and second from left turns into  demon!

The other pointless way is to do as I do and mark off certain calendar dates because they feature prominently in films and TV shows that I…

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A Letter to Santa in October?

A Visit With Sandra

Yes, I’m writing a letter to Santa in October this year. I felt it was really important to touch bases with him on something. So I’m posting this letter “special delivery” today.

Dear Santa,

I know you know who I am, but I’m not sure just which list you have me on. And since there’s just 2 1/2 months left until Christmas, I thought maybe I’d better get some clarification from you before it’s too late.  Could you please define the two words I’ve listed below?  Be as specific as you can — you know — with as many examples as possible. Feel free to use an extra sheet of paper if necessary. And I’d appreciate hearing back from you right away.  Time is of the essence in this situation.

Please Define the Following Words:



Thank you, Santa. I know you are a reasonable man.

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Some Animals Just Crave For Attention

Steve's Photos

IMG_5573 copy

IMG_5578 copy

The pig and the large bird just crave attention.  At least one thing is for sure, they are not shy to be photographed.  They probably thought  “I look pretty good today.  Do I not?”  These photos were actually taken at the Pocono Mountain snake/animal farm in Pennsylvania.  If you are anywhere near the Philly area, I am sure you would have been there or heard of it.  Very cheap to get in and have some fun!

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