Central SCO-TAU Wesak SuperMoon (May 7) – Sit in the Buddha Hub!

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WESAK MOON Blessings,
Dear Reader in the Astro ComMOONity!

Buddhist Stupa – perhaps under the Wesak Full Moon (photographer unknown)

What an intense time it’s been – since it all changed, and public & social, and physically close to one another publicly turned into private and distant…!
Mentally-emotionally intense for most of us, due to what’s been building up as we’ve been staying put and waiting (TAURUS), while processing (SCO) inside(!) – fear, sadness, loneliness, grief, anger, powerlessness…

And on top of it, so much emotional intensity these days – building up to the SCORPIO – TAURUS SuperMoon tomorrow. She’s the last in a series of 3 Super Full Moons this year (March 9, April 7/8, May 7).

The tides are extra high – in the oceans as in our emotions…
Things come to a culmination and to fruition (think: Full Moon – Harvest Moon, Full Birthing Belly), to…

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