Destigmatizing Hearing Voices


I want to pose a question for you today: Is it ‘normal’ or is it ‘crazy’ to hear voices? And, more personally, have you ever heard a voice whispering in your mind or in the ethers…telling you something in clear, precise language?

This is a big question for me, one I have wrestled with much of my life and I continue to inquire about, within and without. I wonder if I am not the only one asking these questions.

Let me start at the beginning. In my household growing up, the possibility that a person can channel information from Spirit guides was totally accepted. In fact, my parents were active members of the Arcane School, which was based upon channeled writing brought through an English woman named Alice Bailey who said she had received the volumes of material from an ascended Tibetan master. Around our dinner table and during our…

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