Forces of the Moon

Ravings of A Mad Red Head

The Moon. Beloved, Mysterious, Illuminated, Cold, Inspiring and Empowering.  Whatever your relationship with her, I am positive she has an effect on you too. She is continuously showing us the beauty of being incomplete, changing phases and glowing fully.

woman holding a moon Photo by Ruvim on

The New Moon is almost here. On April 22, 2020 the Moon transitions into the House of Taurus and rebirths herself to start anew. It is our reminder of rebirth, new awakenings and the perfect time for planting the seeds of your future. As the phases change so does the reminders. The energy of Taurus has us focusing on our resources (I know!!), not only are we all on pause, waiting in uncertainty for an entire World to resume; the New Moon is actually sending out an amplified vibration of organizing our cash, property and possessions.  As large and in charge as Taurus can be, they…

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