2020-04-17 Moon into Pisces; Mercury opposite Juno; Kite; Square Key


Today is mostly a quiet day for most people with important opportunities that are easily missed.  This forecast is being written during the Moon v/c in Aquarius after Moon perfects a conjunction to Ceres (food and prosperity, and arguably supply chains).  The opportunity involves conversations and short trips revolving about issues of trust.  with Chiron four (4) degrees away from Mercury, some of these conversations may be “painful” but the healing that results can be cathartic.

Irregular Oracle

2020-04-17 Moon into Pisces; Mercury opposite Juno; Kite; Square Key

Key aspects and patterns for Friday April 17, 2020

  • After a void in Aquarius, Moon moves into Pisces at 1329 CDT (1:29 PM Central Time)
  • Mercury (Aries) opposes Juno (Libra)
  • A kite (opportunity, or possibly opportunities) is present: Juno (Libra) is part of a grand air trine including (a) Vesta at 10 Gemini (along with Venus at 11, Hygeia at 12) and (b) Mars at 12 Aquarius; Mercury opposing Vesta completes the kite
  • A “Square Key” (two interlaced Huber Learning Triangles that share a common quincunx)
  • Sun perfects a square to Pallas Athena (the armored warrior goddess), the third of a series of three square the Sun (Aries) makes to planets (and an asteroid) in Capricorn (Pluto, Jupiter, and Pallas Athena).  Early next week the Sun (in Taurus) will make one of its annual squares to Saturn (now in…

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