Irony: Is It Just Missionary Zeal?

Interesting bio piece on Mr. Gates. I think the jury is still out. Some of what he has done (in my opinion) has clearly helped the world. I would not want to still be living in a world where computers meant IBM mainframes with punched cards, some of which were sent out by “THE phone company” (AT&T) and dire warnings about “bend, fold, staple, or mutilate.” I thank him for helping to free us from THAT! Still, he has also been known for his various shenanigans. Interesting chart; interesting analysis. Thanks!



Bill Gates (October 28, 1955 @ 10 pm – Seattle WA)

Up until now I have resisted the urge to take a good look at this man. I’m not exactly sure why. It could be the widespread belief in his alleged part in a conspiracy to ‘enslave’ us. (Now, that’s a provocative statement, and you should know by now that I am willing to make statements like that to shake you up a bit or a lot. I want to wake you up.)

But looking astrologically at Bill Gates helps me to remember that he is just a flawed human being, just like the rest of us. Or is he?


All the astrology sites I looked at suggest that the time of 10 pm is excellent. However, in my experience, no one is born at the stroke of the hour. More than likely, the person registering the birth time rounded…

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