I have spent the last week with what might be COVID-19. I say “might be” because although my spouse (who also had a fever, coughing, shortness of breath and chills) was tested 10 days ago, we still do not have test results. I’m not quite back up to speed after a week of Schrodinger’s Coronavirus, […]

via The Stars Are You: Predictive-Text Horoscopes — Dani Alexis

I am not an astrologer and this is not advice. Please do not let a Markov chain inform your choices this week.” 

Response:  Your (machine generated) stuff can’t be any worse than what some “experts” write (some with large followings on places like CNN or CNBC), whether said experts are astrologers or any other kind of pundit.  Like your Markov Chain work.  Publish a book on Kindle with this stuff, it’s GREAT!  –Head Priest of the Lost Dudeist Astrology cult.