Limitless Reality


“You are in the holiest of temples—your Self.  You abide in the perfect moment for your transformation.  Nothing limits you at all, or at any time. . . . In reality, nothing is impossible to you and nothing unavailable to you.”  (“The Way of Transformation,” WOM, Chapter 13, Page 159)

This is the perfection of the moment, as expressed by Jesus in channeled writings. Where we are today seems very far from this pinnacle. This pinnacle is the ideal. The extent to which we can stretch ourselves to reach it is the extent to which we will have peace.

Our Self extends beyond just the body. Our Self is one with God, the All, the Whole. That is why it is the “holiest of temples.” That is why we are limitless. Of course, we can’t see this, because our mind is finite. In our greater essence, though, what Jesus says…

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