Weekly Astrology Forecast April 6 – 12 2020

Daily Empress Tarot

Apr 11 2020    Mercury enters Aries
Independent thinking. Talking quickly, and thinking of new ideas. Also indicates flashes of intuition.
Mercury entering Aries denotes speedy communication which is idealistic and  honest but potentially combative.  Decisive interactions, flame wars and disagreements may abound with Mercury in the martial sign of Aries.  Information may be shot out without contemplation, leading to mistakes or unwise exchanges.

Issues may revolve around problems dealing with money, women, and personal possessions.  People want to discuss topics more rapidly and may argue for the sake of argument.

In general, expect communications to be fast-paced and possibly overwhelming at times.  Take a break and some deep breaths before responding to any inflammatory emails or texts.  Clarify what someone means before reacting too quickly as you may be more prone to assume others are starting an argument.

With Mercury in Aries, there may be tendency to read emails/texts in…

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