Queen of Cups

Terrible Tarot

hi again this is kiki the tea leaf reader from KETCHUP. remember the spider that came out of the black pit the other day? the spider that the SAUCE tarot readers sent as a messenger because their meeting house got sucked into the abyss? that spider? his name’s Dimitri?


i gave him some tea. i was just being nice, you know, like a good hostess or whatever? I didn’t know that it was the super-white (more like ultraviolet) leaf blend which has like all the caffeine a human can handle without dying?

dimitri didn’t die so that’s awesome but then he started running around in a blur making webs everywhere and now everything’s sticky and my mentor, Herb, got tied to a lawn chair and it looked like i was wearing an old-timey powder wig. sticky. ew! so gross!

and then the spider disappeared

i thought we lost him.

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