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The Process Of Losing Returns You To Your Infinite Essence Within

By Jelelle Awen
September 10, 2017

IMG_3076What you are losing…it was gone in some way already. It was already not fitting you and your glorious rebirth into the new.

What you are grieving….it can not ever really be lost or gone. It is energy that is just shifting and changing vibrations into something different from you.

What you are finding….it was within your possession all along. It can arise ANEW the more you let go of the old.

What you are BEcoming…it is in your Divine blueprint. It is the seed of your sacred humanity blooming in response to the waters of love.


This process of losing, grieving, finding, and BEcoming moves at ALL levels through ALL of your life at ALL moments. The degree and depth you can feel it and let it in relates to how deeply…

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