BML & Saturn BiNovile Neptune

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Over the course of September, Black Moon Lillith and then Saturn, both in Sagittarius will BiNovile Neptune Rx in Pisces.

At BiNovile is of the 9th Harmonic and a Soul-level testing energy. As this is occurring for ALL of us at the same time, it should be quite illuminating.

BML and Neptune can bring out the ability to merge with other people’s subconscious ‘shit’… whether we want to or not. Most Reiki Masters have some major aspect between these 2 Planets in their Natal charts. What they are really doing is practicing their own ability to NOT absorb your shit. In the presence of ‘compassion’ we all self-correct. Compassion is a neutral state of non-judgment and no fear. So Reiki Masters are the ones getting the most out of their sessions, but shhh!… they may not view it that way;) Its better to feel as though you are helping others…

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