The Spirit of Leo – Astrology for the Seasons

Shaunga Tagore

Never before in the history of time, has there ever been you. And never again in the future, will you ever exist again.

Just sit with that for a moment.

Your skin, your eyes, your cells. The birth marks on your thighs, the stretch marks on your belly, the scars and tattoos hidden underneath your clothes. Your personal style, how you like to wear your hair, the way you talk, the way you move, the way you dance. Your mannerisms, your quirks, your guilty pleasures.

Your family history, your secrets, your childhood, your bloodline, your ancestors – the ones you do and don’t know. Your beliefs, your perspectives, your ethics – what they were 10 years ago, and what they are today. The inside jokes that made you pee your pants, the cheesy cat commercials that made your eyes well up with tears.

Every hurt that you never got over…

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