Ritualistic Astrology Used in False Flag Hurricane Harvey? ~ August 29, 2017

Interesting analysis.

Rose Rambles...

Ah, folks…it just keeps getting better and better? What! Things seem to be going to hell in a hand basket these days…wait, am I sure about my beginning statement?

You bet, as all BEings on this Earth (including Mother Earth) are now involved in “playing out” the last vestiges of negativity…the evil are mighty uncomfortable about existing on the 5D New Earth ushered in by the Solar Eclipse. This is the time for all Light Workers and Light Warriors to stand up and shine their internal Light. This is the War for our World, and Light WINS!

Terrible news about Hurricane Harvey and east Texas for the people affected by the massive flooding. Please lift these folks up in your thoughts and prayers! But…please also understand that things may not always be as they seem. Please read this article, understand the depths of evil that knows no bounds (although the…

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