Six of Cups: I remember my calling

My Human Experience

For a long time now, I’ve maintained the stance that I hate nostalgia. What is it good for? Absoloutely nothing. Sing it again… Good God Y’all!

We’ve all heard the new age gurus, sages and what have you talk about the importance of living in the present moment. We often speak about the past as though it is something that has gone, vanished and can never return. And indeed it is. 

If there’s one card that’s as bad as the mopey Five of Cups guy who can’t move past his grief – it’s the Six of Cups people who are romanticising the past. Someone get them a room. They’re making me want to vomit. I’m still not sure what worse – romanticising what was and what could have been – or just swimming around in your own sorrow.

img_5664Ideas, anyone?

As for me, I spent the last month on the…

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