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Another superb article from you!

While your experiences are not identical to mine, they are sufficiently similar that I resonate with what you are saying. Astrology is my home, and while it is not science it is dangerously close. (I started in science early in life.) Tarot and Numerology (and Runes) are “friends” and, while I can claim a basic grasp of the symbols (maybe more), I cannot say “how” they work.

Astrology I understand: “we” (not just humans but all living things) are governed by repeating cycles and patterns. Science is beginning to grudgingly admit this with “fractals” and similar ideas, but what I call “mechanistic atheists” (who base their ideas in Newtonian mechanics while ignoring that Newton was an astrologer) never will.

While I think “traditional” astrology is “interesting,” unlike Robert Hand (and others) I have no plan to abandon the modern work in favor of returning to the traditional. Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, as “higher octaves” of traditional planets have important messages to bear to us IF we are willing to listen.

And, like you, I like the 20th century “psychological” work (I presume you mean Rhudyar and others, typically related to C. G. Jung). I particularly like Grant Lewi’s work, aimed at the unsophisticated in a day when computers were not available. He keeps “things” simple yet expresses sophisticated ideas.

One last thing: while most of my studies have been paper-based (since the 1970’s) in the past, like you my own knowledge has “exploded” with my entry into the online world of astrology in 2008. I have no doubt that exploring the viewpoints of the many mystics, both beginner and expert, on WordPress has amplified my knowledge and depth of understanding. (Reblogging a few thousand articles will do that, I suppose. 🙂 )

Thanks, again, for a GREAT article!

Parsifal's Wheel Tarot & Astrology

A brief article in the latest issue of The Cartomancer quarterly posed the question of whether anyone should feel inadequate for being a “one-trick pony” in the divinatory arts, only focusing on a single branch of the tree when the public seems to expect a well-rounded “gypsy fortune-teller” repertoire. This has me thinking about my own path to the miscellany of arcane skills I’ve been honing for more than four decades. Part of my quest has been driven simply by looking for new challenges, but some of the subjects I’ve pursued have been introduced by exposure to knowledge I never knew I needed or, for that matter, even wanted. None of these have a mercenary cast to them, they’re all methods for which I’ve developed a strong personal attachment.

My first love was modern psychological astrology, although tarot has always been my true calling and the discipline I’ve spent the…

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