“Cheap Shots” #13 – 2150 or Bust

Agreed. Well said.

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There is a thread on the Astrologers’ Community forum titled “Is Anyone Else Tired of Waiting for the Age of Aquarius to Take Effect?” Consensus among the numerous commenters is that the poor, benighted OP missed the boat somewhere. Personally, I’m not so sure.

I understand that, sidereally, the Age of Aquarius will begin around 2150. So I’ve been calling the present “New Age” phenomenon the “Piscean Pipe Dream” and the “False Spring.” Much of what I see in the realm of self-styled social progress seems more like Piscean confusion than Aquarian clarity of vision. I’ve lived through the New Age since very near its 1963-ish beginning at Findhorn in Scotland, having first picked up astrology and tarot around 1970, and as a cultural wave of the future I think it’s lost its way.

With age and disillusionment, the heady innocence of the late ’60s has hardened into  pragmatism and…

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