[62] Social Media Detox: Day 1

Smoke words every day.

Living inside ideas of another men and women is what we have been doing since the dawn of man. Novels, movies, stories, even the social constructs are us living in an idea of another men and women. It seems perfect and quaint until we start questioning it because some ideas are faded in their authenticity in its present form. But as they have been around for ages, questioning it requires a conviction and standing in a society that could cause the masses to change their views. And they don’t like to be called wrong, ever.

Social media is the newest construct where the connectivity between people has caused a large-scale exchange of ideas battling for attention. Such has been the impact that the small size-packaged ideas have caused the attention span of people to go to its lowest forms. Tweets, click-bait headlines, viral videos are the tools of promotion now…

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