The One about Tarot & Divination

Feather & Scale

I’ve had tarot cards for a long time. I have a deck of Waite-Smith someone I knew a long while ago gifted me. I used to have a Herbal Tarot—there was a giant garlic bulb rising before the Tower[1]—but it vanished at some point. I have a Shadowscape Tarot, and I have my Tarot de Marseilles deck. I also have a Wild Wood tarot gifted to me by La Maga Tarot. To be truthful, I’ve often been sporadic in using any of them. For a long time, I would have a bunch of candles going, specs off, sitting on the floor in the candlelight and trying to read the cards.

The Shadowscape is hard to do that with: its art is more densely detailed and lower contrast than the otherwise cartoonish decks I also have. As much as I dig the Shadowscape, I sometimes have…

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