Pisces MC or Neptune-MC Aspects

Practical Astrology

Here are some thoughts on a Pisces Midheaven or Neptune aspecting it, especially involving conjunctions.

The zodiac sign Pisces is that of two fish bounded together, heading towards two different directions. It’s almost as if there’s a conflict of some kind and even a struggle between the two. Eventually, to get to somewhere, anywhere, one of the fish has to let go, surrender and be led by the other fish. So, this description could apply to your  vocational direction, future goals, future, the qualities that will help you to impress the world and crave out a reputation for yourself. You might have to give up something in pursuit of your desires – material security, ego, relationship, etc. But its seems that the law of nature is that you gain by losing. Maybe reframe “losing” as an exchange. You are exchanging “(what you have to surrender)” for “(what you desire)”.


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