The Solar Eclipse – 3 steps to using this energy for your highest good

Feng Shui Form

On August 21st we will experience a total solar eclipse. To quote my dear friend and mentor, Diane Ronngren, an eclipse is a time to find new ways to express who you are by recognizing and overcoming emotional blocks.

Basically this is an opportunity to leap forward on the road to your goals. Eclipses bring change. Sometimes these changes are very real in our lives. Eclipses travel through the same signs about every 18-19 years. During this period the changes in my life have been considerable. I built a business and sold it. I met a man, fell in love, married and then lost him to leukemia. I moved back to my beloved California to rejoin old friends and meet new, wonderful people. I wrote many ybooks and built a thriving consultation business.

How much has changed in your life over that period?

This coming eclipse is here to…

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