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General Daily Predictions: Moon will form a square with the Sun, forming the Third Quarter today. Although this will happen while Moon is still in Taurus, after that it will enter the Zodiac of Gemini. By doing so it encourages us to be more social and communicative. Unfortunately, these things may not be as easy as they should. The energies of the upcoming Solar Eclipse are by now strong enough. In the same time, all the karmic and death planets are highlighted, including the Nodes, and only Chiron in a good way. Therefore, contact with the other planes, willingly or not, is very possible, as well as karmic events. It would be wise to be extra careful, and even more so if we engage in dangerous activities.

Pisces and then Cancer and Scorpio are the zodiacs we should consider as the luckiest for the day. Leo, Capricorn, and Sagittarius will be the…

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