Peace in Solitude

Vibing Vibrancy

Peace in solitude. Can you actually remember the time you truly enjoyed your own company? I am not talking about watching a couple of reality television shows or your favorite soap opera during the day. I am talking about enjoying your inner self: your thoughts, your passions, your dreams, your fears, your ups, and your downs. Every little quirk about yourself.

Surprisingly, many people truly do not know themselves despite being with themselves 24-hours out of the day. The idea of solitude strikes may as being “alone.” Alone? As if yourself is a complete stranger. You are never alone when you know yourself. However, when you believe that you are alone when in solitude, you are vulnerable to influences.

I know you are probably wondering what influences will I have if I am in solitude? Well, it is not the influences you experience while in solitude but the influences you…

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