Chernobyl: Pluto’s Power Surge?



Triggered by a Lunar Eclipse

I was alerted to this fact by a book by Dan Green called The Murder of Mary Magdalen. On the day of the lunar eclipse, he and his family had visited Rennes-le-Château by ‘spiritual appointment’ (information received in a dream). The significant aspect of the eclipse was the close proximity of Pluto to the Moon’s position.

The Chart

Let’s take a closer look at the “Disaster” chart:


By the time of the reactor malfunction, the Moon had moved on, but now the Sun and Pluto were on opposite sides of the sky, but only about a half a degree off. At the same time, the Ascendant and Neptune were almost exactly conjunct, both trine to the Sun and sextile with Pluto. This is a powerful combination.


Revelation 8:10-11 reads, “And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning…

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