Learn About Retrogrades with Me 1-1!

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Hello!  I’ve put together the outline for Mercury Retrograde Online Learning Experience and I’m so excited!

Mercury Retrograde is from August 12-September 5th, 2017 and we will be following this retrograde cycle to learn about how to use these astrological feminine energies most productively!

This Online Learning Experience is so special because we will be looking at how this Mercury Retrograde and upcoming retrogrades over the next year will influence YOU directly!  We will also have lots of opportunity for day-to-day interaction and time to answer your specific questions during each class.  And a LIVE call!

Here is a preview of what we will be covering.  There are still a few spots left to join – click here to sign up!

Podcast #1: Introduction to Astrological Retrogrades

  • What are astrological retrogrades?  What do they mean?
  • Timing of Retrograde Cycles
  • ‘Pre’ and ‘Post’ Shadow Period Influences
  • Masculine and Feminine energies…

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