Ace Of Pentacles


Ace Of Pentacles Meaning

Traditionally the Ace Of Pentacles heralds a new beginning in the areas of work, business, career, school or material gains such as a new home, financial investment or sometimes a new stream of income.

What makes this card especially pleasant to see is that the Ace Of Pentacles relates to not only a fresh start that is very likely to be profitable in a material way but it also points to the beginning of something uniquely special and possibly a great stroke of luck.

About Pentacles In Tarot

The Pentacles correspond to Earth signs in Astrology and therefore they relate to the pleasures we find in our world on the physical plane. Good food, good wine, parties and celebrations, and of course sexual pleasures, are included.

Additionally, Pentacles can mean having something to show for your efforts and talent such as awards, promotions, business expansion or…

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