8 Jaguar / IX – A Vision of Purpose: Day 8 of 13

Jaguar Spirit


8 Jaguar / IX

Greetings Kin,

Tone 8 brings the Peak Energy of Divine Justice and is the number of “pure spirit.” Balancing the Above and the Below, what we have accomplished in the Realm of Spirit will be balanced on the physical plane.

Jaguar/IX is the Day Sign of the mystic and shaman. Born with a deep love of Mother Earth, IX holds the power of Earth Magic. IX led our last trecena, guiding us to experience the magic within our self. Returning on the Holy Day of the trecena, Jaguar/IX begins a new transformation, built on the accomplishment of our last effort.

Jaguar is creature of multi-dimensional magic that can carry us across the planes of existence, transforming us with a Higher Consciousness of our Unlimited Potential of Being. 8 Jaguar/IX is a High Holy Day of Spirit that calls us to look from…

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