Women and the Moon

Isian Centre of Metaphysics

blood-goddess1.jpgFollowing on from a discussion that was held during this week’s Full Moon Meditation and Healing Circle about how the moon affects us, in particular women and our menstrual cycle, I thought I would share the following which has been adapted from Moon Cycles and Women by Nadia MacLeod.

The moon, our earth’s only satellite, affects life on our planet is so many ways, from the tides of the ocean and the weather to the movement of fluids and moods.  As such, the moon has a lot to teach us.  For women, the moon affects our menstrual by:

  • regulating the menstrual cycle,
  • triggering ovulation and fertile times,
  • affecting emotions and
  • affecting the way we behave and how we view the world.

On a whole, women are connected to the moon by our blood, our hormones and our souls.  Therefore, the first step in claiming the “gifts” of our menstrual…

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