Depathologizing Asperger’s / autism ~ The strength vs ‘lacking’ edition 

the silent wave

In her book “The Autistic Brain”, right there on page 122, Temple Grandin introduces a new term to my world: “local bias” – the ability to zero in on a tiny detail. Shortly thereafter, she goes on to describe two separate-but-equal methods of thinking: top-down vs bottom-up thinking (page 124).

This revolutionizes my world, for too many of the conventionally-authoritative information sources on Asperger’s/autism appear to take great liberties in pointing out all that is different about people on the autism spectrum and operate from the frustrating stance that these differences are automatically pathological–in essence, wrong.

It’s interesting, in a cynical, suspicious way, how non-autistic autism “experts” tend to take what is a simple difference and phrase it in a way that somehow makes autism come out on the bottom. They seem to fall all over themselves to describe a “lack” of something or a weakness somewhere, when in…

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