August 10th 2017 Energy Forecast – Are you ready to put your money where your mouth is?

Michele Elizabeth


Good Morning and I hope that you are well, so how are you feeling after the awesome energetic gateways of the full moon eclipse and Lionsgate? Can you feel and see that cycles have ended and that you are moving forward into something new different and exciting?

Do you feel different, this may be overt and noticeable or it may be a subtle shift in your knowing or your belief in your own knowing? How much more do you love yourself and so you should, explore this further and let the next few weeks be your own love story. Once we truly love ourselves so much of our need disappears and life becomes much smoother and happier! In a duality we spend our lives with many needs and desires all that we ask to be met by those in our life, yet they too are in pursuit of their own…

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