Weekly Wierd: 8/7 (for 8/8)


I’m CALLING IT!!!!! Tomorrow is 8/8 or 88 gematria or even 8/8/17 which is 888 gematria. 88 has been featured here a lot as its pretty much the TRUMP number..and the Hillary number. Its the number of constellations(the elite and their astrology). Three 8’s is all over Scientology books…especially the more esoteric ones. 88 has been everywhere this last year. 8/8 is the anniversary of the Tate/Manson murders(or fake social engineering event) in 1969. 19+69 is also 88 and much social engineering happened that year.

So with both a 88 and a 888 I would say that this is an excellent day for some media event, false event or other shenanigans. I’ve been correct on this stuff before. Also, look for what passes at the UN and congress tomorrow. What will the lords(archons) of gematria bring us tomorrow?

Had some Rain on the left coast. I would have expected my…

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