Moving through the Eclipse Wormhole – Aug 9/10

Mars/Neptune at 150: so THAT is where those dreams are coming from…. (Dreams that are more like old memories of past turning points.)

5D Astrology

Snapshot: We are in the most intense 2-week window of the Eclipse Wormhole. Tuesday morning we have some Soulful desires. By Wednesday our desires may well change magically. Afernoon brings adjusted clarity to our use of power and adjusted, Soulful motivations.

With the Lunar Eclipse as the only aspect all day on Monday, we are still in the energy of ‘shutting down’ some part of our lives where we have 15+ Aquarius and Leo. This is what will clear the path of the ‘fresh start’ of the Solar Eclipse. The Aug 21st Solar Eclipse is a Total Eclipse crossing from the Northwest corner of the US to the Southeast corner. It is the 1st Total Eclipse across our country in the last 38 years. This Eclipse will more strongly impact North America than Eclipses in between.

As the US is a Cancer Sun country, Leo is our 2nd House of…

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