August 8th 2017 The Lion’s Gate- Are you ready to step into Unity?

Michele Elizabeth

change the way you think

Good Morning Good Morning so we follow on from the awesomeness of yesterday’s lunar eclipse straight into Lion’s Gate. Both of these bring the most amazing energies that will push you forward towards a more meaningful way of life and that begins with the creation of a new world, it’s time to actively walk towards and create Unity!

Lion’s Gate occurs each year and is around the Egyptian New Year, it is the time when Sirius returns once more to the sky and is a magical day indeed and has been since before this paradigm. Today is the day that you can bring in a new operating system if you wish, that you can align yourself with the Unity Paradigm and actively raise your vibrational rate.

So much of the global energy work I have been doing over the last two months has to been to help you get the…

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