The Elements Series: Fire

Triple Moon Alchemy

the-elements-series-fire-triple-moon-alchemy-blog-imageFire. Such a fierce element. The power to illuminate. The power to heat. The power to transform, to transmute. It converts the energy of objects into other forms. It refines. Even the smallest flame is grand in its power.

Fire is forever and always in active mode. Once it is formed, it grows and changes shape constantly. We use Fire to warm our homes and to cook our foods. All of the other elements can exist on their own. Fire can not exist in a raw natural state. Its physical form can only take place by consuming oxygen (Air).

Fire energy is masculine and is full of passion, zest, excitement, motivation and creativity.

The Sun is a huge fiery ball providing light and warmth to us all. Physically and spiritually. Fire is masculine energy (Sun), Water is feminine energy (Moon).  

Astrological Sun signs that have predominate Fire energy…

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