Neptune in the 1st House: Victimisation

Amen. Well put. Me, too. But if Neptune is in Scorpio, it is even worse.


I’ve read that it’s easy to recognise when someone has Neptune placed in their 1st House.

Maybe because we come across a little unconfined. And what I mean by unconfined is that we’re too inconstant, like a chameleon. People project onto us.

I personally have Neptune in the 1st House, and it’s not exactly easy when people view you how they want to. It’s possible that you may have been confused about your identity growing up, so when different people from all walks of life see you as one thing and then another it creates an even cloudier sense of self, and you of course, go with the flow and automatically adapt to that role they’ve given you because it’s in your nature to adapt. Whatever role that is will be different for you.

For me I’ve been seen as a rude ‘wiseacre’ in my anxious moments, the mute, painfully…

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