Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 7/8/17 Now is a great time to learn who you are and what your purpose is!

Michele Elizabeth

Yesterday I was Clever,So I wanted to ChangeThe WorldToday I am Wise,So I am Changing Myself

Hey, I hope you are all well, apologies for the late posting, life has been busy.

This Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse is an incredible opportunity for us all and one you should all take advantage of!

This is a gateway for us to make the shift from the external focus to the internal, this is about YOU. Not the projected or the perceived persona, not the you that is caught up in the struggles or distractions of day to day surface living but the real you, the pure soul that is you!

This gateway and Lionsgate which is tomorrow is here to help us see our true purpose, our unique awesomeness and to realise our full potential. My tag line is Unlocking the Potential of You and this is perfect for right now, this is what this gateway is about, Unlocking your True Potential by first allowing you to…

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