Natural health for summer heat

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Red colorations in flare-ups on the body always indicate heat that is either toxic or dangerous to the balance of the body, especially the cardiovascular system. We both had been taking Wormwood, a good blood cooler for summer heart and blood purifier/pain reliever for skin conditions/joint pains. I was just not taking enough of it. Our apartment got to at least 94°F.

So please, be careful in the heat. Yes, drink enough water, but here are some other tools for dealing with summer heat if it is more stressful to you.

Hibiscus flower tea

This is an excellent blood/body cooler. In fact, Starbucks’ Passion tea made by Tazo has a lot of Hibiscus flower in it and can cool you down better than all the other cold beverages they sell. Brew up enough to have it ready in the fridge for days at a time during a heat wave. Sweeten…

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