Jupiter Transit 2017 Assures To Awaken Understanding In Relationships How?

Emotional Experiences & Confessions To Connect With Life Better!


We all know about 9 planets in the solar system either through our science books or when NASA comes up with some new observation. But have you ever wondered that these 9 planets are also responsible to influence the events in our lives too?

Yes, it is true in every sense! You all must have heard about astrology but might not be familiar that it is the study that has revealed the connection between planets and human behavior.

As one of the oldest studies of Vedas astrology, it was initially just the study of stars. But with the passage of time, the scholars and astrologists started to observe the impact and influence of these celestial bodies on the lives of people.

The 12 zodiac signs in astrology are associated with each planet as they compliment in their behavior. Each planet travels around the 12 signs at its…

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