What Is the Lionsgate Portal…?

Arrow in Flight

Lionsgate Portal Astrology

If you cruise the more metaphysically-minded corners of the internet, you may have recently been stumbling across references to something known as the Lionsgate Portal (or Lion’s Gate, depending on sources).

This refers to an annual phenomenon in which believers say that our own Sun lines up in a profoundly beneficial way with the star Sirius and with the Galactic Center. A powerful sort of “portal” opens during this event, allowing for us humans here on Earth to be on the receiving end of some serious cosmic downloads.

Numerologists interested in the Lionsgate Portal are especially keen on this year’s iteration of it, as this one happens on August 8, 2017…or if you break that down into numerical shorthand, 8/8/17. Take that one step further by adding the digits of the “17” portion, and you get: 8/8/1+7 → 8/8/8. Repeating numbers are often viewed as having especially deep implications, and…

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