Get in Tune for the Black Moon

Julie Froberg Rose in L.O.V.E. Moon is a term for the second new moon within a calendar month. Black  moons occur about every 29 months.  The next black moon will take place on August 21, 2017 in conjunction with the Great American Eclipse.  According to Mind, Body, Greenyour emotions are amplified during the new moon period, so it is important to focus on being calm so that negative emotions are not magnified.

In today’s  high paced environment, advice to stay calm may seem redundant.  We’ve heard the mantras to do yoga, meditate, walk in nature, etc. These are all helpful, but we can get caught up in day to day life and forget to set aside time for those activities.  Ideally, we should always nurture ourselves and strive for  serenity, whether there is a new moon  or not. Besides the obvious stress relievers, think about your health.  images

Do we really…

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