Erik Prince, Astrosplained


Lucy, I got some Astrosplaining to do. There is quite a backlog.  I want to get Roger Stone Astrosplained before he actually gets pardoned.  First, let’s look at Erik Prince and (soon) his sister, Trump Education Secretary and Men’s Rights Advocate Betsy Devos .

Astrosplaining is my way of looking at how the malignant energy of ancient Orion plays out in modern society, not only in America but globally.  That is to say, the same issues of violence and exploitation appear to be recurring in the same patterns, all these millennia later.  My idea is that the fixed star Mintaka is now roughly in the former position of Huva, the long-destroyed center of extremism in the misery that was ancient Orion. I also have very strong Orion in my own chart, this is personally relevant for me.  (Remember there are two sides to every epic battle.)  So I seek…

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