August 1st 2017 Energy Forecast

Michele Elizabeth

By Letting Go of the Need to Control EverythingWe Take Back Control of Our Lives & Can Create Something Beautiful

Good Morning I hope that you are well.

The energy this morning feels like an open door, spontaneous opportunity ready to be taken if you are quick enough on your feet.

It feels quick bubbly and lively with a little playfulness, so don’t take life too seriously today. Life is to be enjoyed and experienced not rushed through or seen as a series of checks to be completed on your list.

Plans may change from moment to moment and that is half the fun. This month I feel is going to be one where your rigid plans and white knuckle control are going to blow up and you will need to be thinking on your feet. This is not a bad thing as it will help you let go a little, well probably a lot actually.

In these moments you have a choice, to have a melt- down or to…

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