Poems for Planets: Pluto 

The Blissful Nomad

Finally we have reached the end. If you have kept in touch with all the latest develooments in the world of all thing space you would have deemed yesterdays post the final entry in my poems for planets. This isn’t the case.

When I studied the solar system in school, all those years ago,I was taught 9 planets. There was a whole mnemonic device to help me remember, till this day I fail to forget.I stay true to my original 9, here I offer to you some poetry for distant Pluto.

Lingering at the very edge of our solar system Pluto follows hus course. Having been demoted to the rank of Dwarf planet in 2006 pluto only gets an honorary mention in the conversation of planets. It’s made primarily of over water and some rock. When I say some rock, I really do mean some rock. Pluto…

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