Virgo: New Moon in Leo, 2017. Being centered in your emotions is where you’ll find your power!

oyeezy forever


img_7227It’s time to take some time off.

It’s time to get away and search, beloved.

Get away to rest.

You’re distraught.

Something has happened that’s making you seek out on a new journey.

What lies ahead of you?

You’re distant from reality and your loved ones.

You’re looking for something…

Consumed in some sort of setback,

An emotional undercurrent that you’re trying to control.

And what you  want to see more than anything now is love.

This new moon is washing over you with love.

Your cup is overflowing.


You’re bored, beloved.


You’re tired.

Mental calamity haunts you.

You need time and space to get your life back in order.

Loneliness haunts you.

But love and sleep heal you.

Take the time you need to rejuvenate.

Take the time you need to zone out and tap into your yin realm.

Make sure you are focusing on your…

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